Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan Changes

Stay informed, my friends! Brownsburg Town Council is proceeding with significant changes to the Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan that will affect all residents. The primary goal of this website is to make sure that all residents stay informed and have opportunities to express their opinions to Town Council as changes are made to allow for increased industrial development. While we know that our beloved Brownsburg will evolve over time, we want to protect its future from abuse due to short-term planning goals and outside influences.

From the timeline below, it is apparent that Brownsburg Town Council and Staff only one of a myriad of industrial projects progressing through the approval process with Brownsburg staff and elected government officials. The message was sent loud and clear with Project Aisle that this version of Brownsburg government will approve even the most absurd of industrial projects, and now here we are.

Town Council and government staff have been advocating for I2 High Intensity development for over a year, and now they decide to launch a survey to gain feedback from residents about responsible zoning. What a great idea! It inspired me to do a survey as well so that I can find out what other Town Council members think about their plans. See the results below. ☺

Survey Results from Parks and Recreation Town Council Members:

Pawnee Town Council President, Brandi Maxx

Pawnee Town Council Member, Bill Dexhart

Former Pawnee Town Council Member, Leslie Knope

Unfortunately, Leslie Knope was too busy making binders to send a video, but she did inspire some new town slogans if these developments come to fruition:

  • Now entering Brownsburg, the Last Truck Stop Before Avon!
  • Welcome I2 Development!
  • Welcome I3 Development! (This hasn't been invented yet, but I am certain Town Council is working on it.)
  • Brownsburg: The Gary of West Central Indiana
  • Brownsburg: First in Friendship, Fourth in Contaminated Water Supplies
  • Brownsburg: When You're Here, then You're Stuck in RRP Traffic for the Next 30 Minutes

***This is just an exercise to show that you can be in a state of conflict and still keep your sense of humor.***

Reasons for Opposition for I2 Zoning Adjacent to Residential:

  • The Brownsburg Unified Development Ordinances do not list I1 or I2 as an Appropriate Adjacent District to Residential. The Advisory Plan Commission is using a loophole to assume approval based on a section that includes landscape buffers between these districts. Yes, it might hold up to a legal argument, but is it ethical? Buffering industrial zones from residential areas is at the heart of every basic development planning ordinance.
  • It shows an absolute lack of care for the adjacent residents of Brownsburg. These residents will be forced to adapt to the traffic, noise, light and vibration interference from these trucking facilities directly across the street from them. While public waterparks and baseball fields sound lovely, Brownsburg citizens would never disrupt the daily quality of life of their neighbors 365 days a year/7 days a week/24 hours a day so that they can enjoy seasonal, part-time amenities during the spring and summer.
  • These developments will only breed more I2 zoning requests and approvals along Ronald Reagan Parkway, thus increasing the traffic congestion and disruption to even more adjacent residential properties.
  • It will create extreme traffic congestion due to semi-truck traffic and shift change traffic patterns on Ronald Reagan Parkway & I-74. Ronald Reagan Parkway & Connector Road and US 136/Crawfordville Road. If you need validation for this opinion, try visiting Whitestown during a shift change. Amazon Warehouse employees report 30-90 minute delays to simply vacate the immediate vicinity during shift changes.
  • A high intensity, concentrated industrial park positioned in the very "front yard" of the Town of Brownsburg will forever change the character of our area. While this project may finally get our town to become a "real city", it will be a city with a poor reputation and decreasing demand for single-family residential growth.
  • Town Council members and Town Staff continue to show support for these projects during the Public Hearings. Elected officials and compensated Town Staff should not participate in hearings designed for the public. There are no "checks and balances" in this process, and it seems especially vulnerable to corruption.


Brownsburg Published Documents on Development Guidelines

We encourage all Brownsburg citizens to learn more about the Brownsburg Guidelines through the following resources:

How You Can Participate:

  • Attend the Town of Brownsburg meetings at Town Hall to make sure that your voice is heard.
  • Please share your opinions with Brownsburg Town Council at If you would like your email to become an official part of their meeting packets or read aloud during the meeting (for submissions shared after meeting packets are published), then please encourage transparency by directly stating that at the beginning of your email.
  • Keep other neighbors informed!

Meeting Schedule:

Know the Players & Share Your Thoughts:

Why Should All Brownsburg Residents Be Concerned?

This industrial focus will change the character of our entire town. Anyone living next to open land should be concerned about exactly what this version of Brownsburg government will do to get their 3% tax base. Their primary focus seems to be on property owners who are currently selling out instead of all the new residents buying in. And when has more money had a long-term positive impact on an entity that has a track record of difficulty managing their budgets? How sad will it be that the 3% sell out only cleans up the financial mistakes from the past? Or they experience the same financial issues 10-12 years from now when these trucking facilities relocate as the tax abatements expire? The costs of this plan outweigh any potential amenities, and we really don't want this as our new welcome sign:

Disclaimer: The webmaster is opposed to industrial development adjacent to residential and in favor of all Parks and Recreation references. Learn more about the sign above through this video.