Industrial Development in the Town of Brownsburg

Stay informed, my friends! Brownsburg Town Council is proceeding with significant changes to the Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan that will affect all residents. The primary goal of this website is to make sure that all residents stay informed and have opportunities to express their opinions to Town Council as changes are made to allow for increased industrial development. While we know that our beloved Brownsburg will evolve over time, we want to protect its future from abuse due to short-term planning goals and outside influences.    

The Brownsburg Town Council has already approved the rezoning of the Lacy Farms property on Ronald Reagan Parkway to I2 High Intensity Industrial Zoning, even though it is in violation of the current Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plans. The "Ronald Reagan Logistics Park" will be developed to host four giant warehouses with two small commercial applications. The warehouses range in size from 169,000 square feet to potentially 758,160 square feet each, with planned heights of 47' (taller and larger than anything on Northfield Drive). The industrial park will host 1,112 employee parking spaces and 430 semi-truck parking spaces turning over every 8-12 hours as the 24/7 shifts rotate. The only available access point to this industrial park will be the extended Ronald Reagan Parkway Connector Road.

Reasons for Opposition:

  • This plan is in opposition to the Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan, the Economic Development Strategic Plan, the Brownsburg Unified Development Ordinances and the Ronald Reagan Parkway Master Plan. When presented with these facts, the response from the Town Council is that they were changing the Comprehensive Plan to avoid this conflict in the future.
  • It shows an absolute lack of care for the neighbors living in the Clermont Heights neighborhood and on CR 1000/Hunter Road. The noise pollution alone from 24/7 operations of (4) giant warehouses will make their daily quality of life unsustainable, not to mention that their residential road will now be 1 of only 2 paths to access the complex.
  • It will only breed more I2 zoning requests/approvals along Ronald Reagan Parkway, thus increasing the traffic congestion and disruption to adjacent residential properties.
  • It will create extreme traffic congestion due to semi-truck traffic and shift change traffic patterns on Ronald Reagan Parkway & I-74. Ronald Reagan Parkway & Connector Road and US 136/Crawfordville Road. If you need validation for this opinion, try visiting Whitestown during a shift change. Amazon Warehouse employees report 30-90 minute delays to simply vacate the immediate vicinity during shift changes.
  • A high intensity, concentrated industrial park positioned in the very "front yard" of the Town of Brownsburg will forever change the character of our area. While this project may finally get our town to become a "real city", it will be a city with a poor reputation and decreasing demand for single-family residential growth.
  • The Town officials have shown a lack of transparency when processing this request for approval. Even the fastest of zoning decisions take 6-8 weeks to approve. They approved this I2 zoning change in 22 DAYS with no public hearing by Town Council! A traffic study was completed, but never made available to the public. All Town Council members had an influence on the recommendation from the Advisory Plan Commission since 2 elected officials are on the APC, and 3 elected officials testified in support of the change. There are no "checks and balances" in this process, and it seems especially vulnerable to corruption.


Brownsburg Published Documents on Development Guidelines

We encourage all Brownsburg citizens to learn more about the Brownsburg Guidelines through the following resources:

How You Can Participate:

  • Share feedback and join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on this topic here.
  • Sign the new petition opposing I2 Zoning on Ronald Reagan Parkway here.
  • Attend the Town of Brownsburg meetings at Town Hall to make sure that your voice is heard.
  • Please share your opinions with Brownsburg Town Council at If you would like your email to become an official part of their meeting packets or read aloud during the meeting (for submissions shared after meeting packets are published), then please encourage transparency by directly stating that at the beginning of your email.
  • Keep other neighbors informed!
  • Support the cause with volunteer hours or donations.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 6/9/2021 - Public Input Meeting - 6:30 PM - Eaton Hall - Watch Town Officials sing, dance and spin the benefits of industrial development to get their 3% tax base - should be entertaining for sure!
  • 6/10/2021 - Town Council Meeting - 7:00 PM - Town Hall - Proposed 1st Reading of adding light industrial for Bulldog Business Park adjacent to Creekside Commons residential area - No public hearing, but public comments are permitted at end of meeting.
  • 6/14/2021 - Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting - 7:00 PM - Town Hall - Yet another industrial development going through the process, this time at Northfield Drive Business Park. This one is asking for variances to both exceed the size of I-1 zoning AND to reduce the buffer standards between I-1 and residential. So, technically, an I-2 development with less than I-1 buffer requirements. While this location is less dangerous than others, this is a frightening example of where lines can become blurred between very clear UDO definitions and requirements.

Know the Players & Share Your Thoughts:

Why Should All Brownsburg Residents Be Concerned?

This industrial focus will change the character of our entire town. And we really don't want this as our new welcome sign:

Disclaimer: The webmaster is opposed to industrial development adjacent to residential and in favor of all Parks and Recreation references. Learn more about the sign above through this video.